On the road

Some nights I had a team of almost ten people and the others I would go alone, aware of the risk involved in this task [Click title or image for full story]

The second wave

Lockdown Voices returns after a month of nation-wide pandemonium, loss and grief. The second wave of the pandemic revealed as never before the unpreparedness, systemic gaps and failures across institutions. In addition, the mainstream media’s constant bombarding of disturbing figures on loss of lives, overwhelming tragic stories, topped with polarising politics, brewed anger, bitterness and... Continue Reading →

The homecoming

As we sit around the bonfire every night and enjoy the last cold of the season, I couldn’t agree more to what my parents say about getting to work from home permanently. [Click title or image for full story]

The God within

The days of struggle and darkness and being cut off from the illusions of the world helped Rabi Nana discover the light within himself. [Click title or image for full story]

A new beginning

I have realized that things get tough before they get better. This change, pushed me to start working on my course and pick up where I left off. [Click title or image for full story]

Five hundred miles away from home

Arjun and his colleagues pooled in Rs. 1000 each and travelled to Ujjain in the middle of the night. They hid under the seats during this journey to avoid any obstruction or violence. [Click title or image for full story]

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